The Story of Hasan Atmaca: Deportation of Armenian political refugee imminent

During the Armenian genocide many Armenians were only saved from massacre by forced conversion to Islam, moreover countless children and young girls were kidnapped by Turks and Kurds.

Today, more and more people are discovering their Armenian origins. Especially in the Kurdish areas, numerous people are living there who are descendants of those who were kidnapped and forced into marriage during the Genocide. Even if many Turks and Kurds insist that in these villages the Armenians were rescued by their neighbours, in most cases these descendents were young women and children. Therefore, the question must be asked why were only young girls and children rescued? It is only too clear, many Kurds and Turks took advantage of the situation to acquire a child or a wife. The apparent rescuers acted more from self-interest than humanitarian zeal. Thus, the Armenian Genocide entailed not only the murder of 1,5 million lives but also the kidnapping and forced marriage and conversion of countless young women and children.

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Life and death of Monte Melkonian

Thousands of people died during the Liberation struggle in Mountainous Karabakh. The enemy troops had occupied and controlled up to 60 per cent of Mountainous Karabakh. Fighters from Armenia and from the Diaspora fought side by side with the Armenians living in Mountainous Karabakh an volountary fighters from Armenia against the well-armed Azerbaijani forces. The decisive turnaround in the war occurred with the Shushi-Lachin operation in May 1992. One of the fighters from the Disapora was Monte Melkonian. He was killed on 12th June 1993 in action in Mountainous Karabakh. Who was this man who even before his death had become a legendary Freedom Fighter?

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Turkeys Deep State Surfaces Again

In June 2007 Turkish police discovered large quantities of weapons in a house in Istanbul.

As a result of investigations 40 suspects were taken into Police custody, all belonging to the terrorist nationalist group called “Ergenekon”. The Public Prosecutor accuses the Forty of having planned assassinations and military attacks with the aim of creating chaos and provoking military intervention. Numerous groups belong to this network, calling themselves “nationalists”, “Kemalists” or  “Ataturkists”. Ergenekon is also suspected of being behind the murder of three Christians in the city of Malatya, the murder of the Italian priest Santoro in Trabzon and being involved in the murder of Hrant Dink. The arrest of members of this terrorist group has been headlined as a significant blow against the “Deep State”.

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The Armenian Genocide and Germany’s Ignominious Role in the Past and Present

Five years ago in the Bundestag (German parliament), a noteworthy de­bate took place on the parliamentary motion presented by the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic / Christian Social Union) faction. It dealt with a crime that had been committed 90 years earlier, and had cost the lives of 1.5 million Arme­nians. The motion was entitled: “Re­membrance on the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Expulsions and Massacres of the Arme­nians on April 24, 1915, Germany Must Contribute to Reconciliation between Turks and Armenians,” and the parlia­mentary faction had agreed beforehand on 45 minutes for the discussion. In the course of the debate, all the speakers stressed that “their main concern was to contribute to understanding and recon­ciliation between Turks and Armenians on the basis of the historical truth.” Apparently, the Bundestag factions had agreed not only on a precise time limit for the discussion, but also, at the conclu­sion, to formulate a cross-party motion aimed at ensuring that their mission as mediators of “understanding and recon­ciliation” would lead to success. They were also in agreement that the elimina­tion of 1.5 Armenians should not be designated as genocide. In June 2005, the cross-party motion was passed, in that the Bundestag expressed regret for “the deeds of the Young Turk govern­ment of the Ottoman Empire, which led to the near-total extinction of the Arme­nians in Anatolia.” The “ignominious role of the German Empire” was also recalled, “which, in view of the diverse information on the organized deporta­tions and elimination of the Armenians, did not attempt even once to stop the atrocity.”

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Hrant Dink: Belated Victim of Armenian Genocide

On January 19, 2007 the publisher and Editor of the bilingual weekly Istanbul newspaper AGOS was shot by a young Turkish nationalist. Who was this Armenian who had over the years continuously and persistently displayed courage through his intellectual campaign against the Turkish state apparatus? A state which not only denies the Armenian Genocide but also has created through a systematic racial indoctrination of its citizens a social and political climate in which such murders are tolerated if not accepted by society. The Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul Mesorb Mutafyan whose relationship to Hrant was not always free of conflict, described Hrant Dink with the following words „his life full of struggle and challenges turned Hrant Dink into a courageous, sensitive and decisive personality; becoming a symbol for justice, freedom of belief and human rights. He voiced his opinions and ideas with total disregard for the possible dangers. When he was convinced of the necessity of doing something then he acted with the same decisiveness.”

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